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Pink Peppercorn Catering

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Traditional/Cape Malay 

Fragrant yellow rice, chunky cherry, chilli &t omato salsa, atchar, chutney & poppadums


Thai and Asian Curries 

Coconut, lemongrass & spring onion salsa
Side salad of asian greens.



All bakes are served with: Gourmet greek salad, olive and rock salt focaccia


Comfort Food 

All the comfort food is served with: Gourmet garden salad, Seeded rolls


Stirfries/pastas and rice dishes 

All the rice dishes are served with: Chilli and red onion raitta, Side garden salad,


No Services Listed


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Contact Details
Address for Pink Peppercorn Catering Contact Numbers for Pink Peppercorn Catering
15 Second Street Tel: 021 934 8180
Bishop Lavis Cel: 072 301 2085
Capetown Fax:
7490 Email: rabea@pinkpeppercorncatering.co.za
  Website: http://pinkpeppercorncatering.wozaonline.co.za

Contact Details
Tel: 011 783 8837
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