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Opening a Catering Business: Some Special Notes

In every business it is important to get things right at the start; it will make it easier to run a business well in the future. In opening a catering business you need to register the premises with the environment health service before opening. Always keep your place clean, with good food hygiene practices and protection against contamination and also pest control. Always have wash bins for the staff to wash their hands on with hot and cold running water, and materials for cleaning hands and drying them hygienically.

Provide facility for the staff to change their clothes in when necessary. Good hygiene is essential to make sure that the food you serve is safe to eat and helps prevent food poisoning and protects reputation with customers. The floors and walls must be maintained; it must be easy to clean and to disinfect.

Ceilings and windows must be constructed and finished in a way that prevents dirt from building up. Doors also must be easy to clean and to disinfect. All equipment or items that the food touches must be kept in good order and condition. In this way it is much easier to be kept clean and it should be disinfected frequently to avoid risk of contamination.

Remove food waste and rubbish from rooms containing food as quickly as possible to avoid build up. You must have a facility for storing and disposing food wastage and rubbish. You must carry out a fire risk assessment of your premises and take fire safety precautions to help protect you and your customers and employees. Managing food safety is important because it is all about what you do to manage how food is produced in your business to make it safe to eat.

. Make sure that your employees who handle food are supervised and instructed or trained in food hygiene in a way that is appropriate for the work they do. The staffs that are responsible for maintaining you business food safety management must have adequate training. Cooking kills harmful bacteria in food; it is extremely important to make sure that food is cooked properly.

Rare food could cause food poisoning. Cleaning schedule is a good way to make sure that equipments are cleaned when they need to be. It can help stop cleaning products being wasted or used incorrectly. Lack of cleanliness is one of the common reasons for food businesses being prosecuted.And lastly market your catering food business; use flyers, newspaper ads, magazine ads, yellow pages, Internet and the most trusted and inexpensive, word of mouth advertising.

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